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Spiced Iced Tea


Spiced Iced Tea

Pavan Gulati

This is a great option to prepare and have ready in your fridge on a hot day.  Splash it over some ice and you have a refreshing pick-me-up.  This iced tea using ingredients commonly found within an Indian hot tea.  With our planet in mind, find your local tea and spice store to fill up some old pickle and jam jars. Reuse. Reuse. Reuse.

Take in the glory of the full video recipe starring Juno and Yours Truly for some entertainment and some shenanigans. It’s a fun watch, but for the quick and dirty recipe go to (00:35). Tell us in the comments section if you have a particular favorite ingredient to “spice” up your teas. As you’ll see from the video, the cinnamon stick works magic in our household.

This tea pairs beautifully with either savory or sweet. The Sugar and Grain Free Muffins are always a big hit for breakfast. And here’s our recipe for a Quinoa and Roasted Turkey Salad.

Something’s brewing indeed.

Something’s brewing indeed.

Spice Iced Tea


  • 1 Tbsp red tea

  • 1 Tbsp black tea

  • 1 Tbsp cardamon

  • 2 star anise

  • 1 tsp cloves

  • 1 cinnamon stick

  • 1 to 2 L of filtered water

  • panela to taste

  • choice of milk / cream to taste.


  1. Collect your dry ingredients.

  2. Bring the water to a simmer.

  3. Add the tea and spices.

  4. Simmer on low heat for 5 - 10 min.

  5. Strain it and bring it up to the volume you desire by adding water.

  6. Add your choice of sweetener and milk if desired.