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Recipe: Homemade chocolate spread.


Recipe: Homemade chocolate spread.

Olga Gulati


Whenever I talk about this recipe, I refer to it as my homemade Nutella. Like you know, I have an awful sweet tooth and I love anything chocolate. Nutella is one of those things I used to love and enjoy. Then I became aware of the importance of reading labels and ingredients on the food that I buy, and Boom!  I had to take it out of the list of occasional treats. But because I still want to have an alternative option, I came up with this very simple recipe.  I love it because it satisfies my craving for smooth creamy chocolate. It has clean ingredients. It is a much better alternative for blood sugar balance, since there are no added sweeteners and it has very healthy fats.

Coconut milk and especially coconut oil is known for it’s multiple medicinal and nutritional powers. If you want to learn more I recommend for you to check out the Coconut Research Center.

I use it to spread on toast, as a frosting for my grain and sugar free muffins, to pair with sliced strawberries, apples or pears.

 Sometimes I even eat it by the spoonful with a little bit of peanut butter, but shh don’t tell anybody.  Let’s not forget this treats should be eaten in moderation.

Lets get to the recipe so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.


-       250 grs organic dark chocolate. chopped

-       2 tablespoons organic raw coconut oil

-       2 cups coconut milk


1.     Place a medium saucepan on the stove on medium heat.

2.     Add the coconut milk to the saucepan

3.     Add the dark chocolate to the coconut milk.

4.     Bring the temperature down to low.

5.     Stir the chocolate and the coconut milk until the chocolate completely dissolves. Be careful not to burn the chocolate, it can't tolerate very high temperatures. 

6.     Take the mix away from the stove. Add the coconut oil and stir in. Combine very well.

7.     Place on a glass container (like a mason jar) and let it rest on the fridge to thicken.

You can also pour it while its warm and runny over pancakes, or strawberries and it will be yummy.