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370 32nd Ave. Apt 32
San Francisco, CA, 94121
United States

Inspiring and sharing tools for you to reconnect with a nourishing lifestyle.

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Juno Health & Wellness

Through fun educational coaching and retreats, our mission is to promote integrative wellness and provide others with tools to create and maintain a holistic lifestyle

Olga, Pavan & Juno Gulati

Olga, Pavan & Juno Gulati

Juno Health & Wellness was founded in San Francisco, CA in 2014.  Our mission is to apply a California holistic approach to promote integrative wellness through educational courses and recreational health retreats.  The founders, Olga Lucía Gulati and Pavan Gulati combine attributes of psychology, gastronomy, science, fitness, and creativity to develop programs to teach and make sustainable positive changes to the health of individuals in need.  We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with tools to return to their community with gourmet and life-changing experiences to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Olga, a psychologist and chef from Colombia, came to the United States in 2010 where she studied at Bauman College in Berkeley, CA to become a holistic chef. While Juno Health & Wellness was launched in the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA) addressing the growing epidemics of chronic illnesses, eating disorders, and obesity, we promptly recognized the need and benefits of our California holistic approach to the Spanish speaking communities in South America and Spain.  We currently impact lives in eight countries.    

As a psychologist and holistic chef, Olga motivates and inspires positive change in the lives of many who suffer(ed) from eating, mental, and chronic disorders. Prior to being able to help others with their shadows, Olga first had to deal with her own.  Her body and digestive system was depleted and abused from living with a heart-breaking eating disorder for 15 years.  She has found personal growth through a spectrum of therapy ranging from psychiatrists to spiritual guides.  The birth of her daughter (Juno), provided Olga with the courage to take action with her personal growth and to let go of the numbing (binging and purging) in order to make the life changes which she now calls upon to inspire her clients.  This year (2016) Olga will celebrate four years free of symptoms and four years of being able to truly love herself.